You’ll find many creatures here! – Hogwarts Mystery Scavenger Hunt 2022

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Game has a new event on August 2022: The Scavenger Hunt. You can find the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Scavenger Hunt Event Clue guide on this page.

In Hogwarts Mystery Scavenger Hunt Event 2022, you will need to:

  • Use clues to decipher the location of the missing item. Check back after time has passed for additional clues.
  • Explore locations to collect missing item, but read your clues carefully…
  • Once all items have been collected, return to see if you deciphered the clues correctly.

Be aware that the rewards will be based on how many clues you answered correctly. The Scavenger Hunt events will be given by these characters:

Penny’s Potions
Penny needs your help gathering ingredients for an especially difficult potion. Can you find them all?
Murphy’s Mental Match
Murphy has challenged you to a battle of wits! Can you decode his cryptic clues?
Corey’s case
Corey has stumbled onto an intriguing mystery! Can you decipher all of the clues?
Levi’s Misplaced Wand
Levi needs your help finding his misplaced wand! Can you help him retrace his steps?
Rowan’s Case
Rowan has discovered something intriguing! Decode the cryptic clues to solve this mystery!
Talbott’s Prophecy
Talbott needs your help making sense of one of Professor Trelawney’s prophecies. Can you decipher the vague prediction?
Barnaby’s Knarl Tour
Barnaby needs your help showing his pet knarl new and interesting places! Are your skills as a tour guide up to the challenge?

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Scavenger Hunt 2022 Corey Case

You’ll find many creatures here! Answer

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The location is

Care of Magical Creatures

If you are looking for all of the Hogwarts Mystery Scavenger Hunt Location guide, you can go to this post below:

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Game Info

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