What Wombo Art Can Do?

Wombo art may help you achieve the desired aesthetic, whether searching for a custom playlist art print, a personalized wall mural or just want to make your home more attractive. Their custom goods are constructed with high-quality materials and in a socially responsible manner. The WOMBO Dream app is intended to transform your ideas into original works of art in only seconds. Using artificial intelligence, it transforms a basic instruction into an artwork of your choosing. The image can then be saved, shared, or just added to your digital gallery. You can even choose the desired style. More features will be added to WOMBO in the near future, as the team is continually seeking for fresh concepts.

What Wombo Art Can Do

The WOMBO application is compatible with iOS and Android. It is also accessible via the Internet. The application employs a mathematical algorithm known as the GAN to transform simple text into visuals. Additionally, it employs a variety of filters to make the process more engaging. It may be a bit of an exaggeration to state that it creates the most beautiful paintings, but it does an admirable job of producing some outstanding ones.

The most often utilized feature of the WOMBO app is the option to import a picture. The AI will then animate the image to the selected song. Then, you can share your design on social media or save it as a JPG. You may also access a gallery of your artwork and set it as the wallpaper on your mobile device. You may also purchase a print for at least $20.

Additionally, the Wombo app is a great method to discover new artists to follow. You can peruse their selection of works by independent artists, and you can purchase prints made from high-quality materials. These products are produced socially responsible, and each purchase directly benefits the artist. You may also purchase Wombo products, such as mouse pads, t-shirts, and mugs with the company’s logo printed on them. In addition to having an official website, the company is also active on social media.

The WOMBO app also includes the option to make personalized wallpaper and artwork based on the user’s preferred style. Additionally, the company is known for their lip sync software, which allows you to animate a photo to any song. By developing a new AI-powered painting application called WOMBO Dream, the firm is also attempting to widen its reach. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices and blends text instructions with a variety of art styles. According to the organization, all you need is a decent idea; the WOMBO team will handle the rest.

The WOMBO app is not the only startup that uses artificial intelligence to make art. Artbreeder is an additional service that allows users to make artworks based on language and keywords.