What Is Streamlabs?

Streamlabs is a web-based software that connects radio stations’ broadcasts to major streaming platforms. It is an open source utility, which means it is available for free download. To utilize Streamlabs, you must first configure your stream and subscribe to a service. Streamlabs is similarly free to use, but you can upgrade to Prime, a monthly membership that provides more support and features. Premade widgets can also be installed from the Widgets tab. You can also use the customization tools to create your own custom widgets.

What Is Streamlabs

You can even incorporate a chatbot into your stream. The chatbot is built into the program and will alert users to future live events or giveaways. It can also serve as a host for virtual welcome messages for viewers. You can also use the chatbot to interact with viewers, which will save you time.

Streamlabs provides a variety of widgets, including a text (GDI+) widget for quickly displaying text on the stream. You can also utilize its image slideshow widget to display a variety of photographs for a set period of time. Its alert box widget can also be used to thank viewers with on-screen pop-ups.

There are additional options to change the backdrop, call-to-action buttons, and other elements. Additionally, you can alter the font and weight of the text. You can, for example, develop an avatar to assist your listeners identify with you. A monetization widget can also be used to link to your contribution page and other sites. For Prime users, Streamlabs also provides a selection of paid Themes.

You can also optimize the performance of your stream. You can change the video, audio, and webcam settings. You can also link to a streaming service like Twitch or YouTube. You may even use an auto optimizer to check your internet speed and alter your settings accordingly. You can also switch to advanced output mode. You can also configure your webcam to display what is going on behind the scenes.

Streamlabs can also be used to create live events on YouTube and Twitch. You can create an event from your profile’s Status area, or you can duplicate a live event from another streamer. Entering your YouTube account information is the first step in establishing a live event. Then you can go over the event specifics.

After you’ve established a live event, you may use Streamlabs to alter the Scene. A Scene is a grouping of audio and video sources like your webcam feed or audio from a mixer. Other sources, such as overlays or photographs from different websites, can also be added. You can also alter the Scene based on what you’re doing.

You can personalize your widgets, which include contribution, monetization, and call-to-action buttons. You can also include a tip jar to show how much money has been raised. An alert box can also be used to thank viewers for their support.