What Is Sezzle?

Using Sezzle, a customer can purchase an expensive item and pay for it over three installments. Additionally, the company provides financing for up to $40,000 over five years. It is an excellent payment option for younger generations who have limited or no access to conventional credit. Additionally, it is one of the most rapidly expanding fintech companies in the buy now, pay later market. Sezzle is comparable to BNPL services such as Affirm and Klarna. When registering, Sezzle performs a soft credit check to determine account eligibility. In this case, your credit limit will be based on the results of a credit check.

What Is Sezzle

The credit limit is not interest-bearing. You will also have access to a multitude of useful widgets on the website. A widget that displays the payment breakdown is one of them. In addition, you will receive email and text message reminders before each payment. You are permitted to reschedule payments twice and change the date of installment payments three times.

The most important feature of Sezzle is its ability to allow buyers to purchase expensive items without interest. It also allows users to make payments over a period of six weeks. This gives consumers the impression that they are spending less money. It also facilitates a more convenient shopping experience. The company asserts that it has more than 40,000 merchant partners. The most recent partner is Ally Bank.

Sezzle enables users to pay for their purchases using a debit or credit card. There are no processing fees or interest charges. The company pays the merchants for the purchase made by the customer. Depending on the merchant, the payment may arrive in the merchant’s bank account in as few as five business days. Using Sezzle also prevents users from exceeding their credit limits.

Sezzle conducts a credit check to determine the likelihood that you will be able to repay the loan. In addition, Sezzle will provide you with a credit limit based on this evaluation. When you initially open an account, your credit limit will be up to $200. Additionally, the Sezzle website provides a checklist to help you maximize your Sezzle experience.

Additionally, Sezzle allows users to reschedule payments for a fee. Sezzle will charge you $5 each time you reschedule a payment for the first two times. Additionally, the company offers the Sezzle Up feature, which allows you to gradually improve your credit score. You can also receive a discount on your initial purchase.

Sezzle does not accept charitable donations, travel products, or items with age restrictions. It also does not offer payment plans in-store. However, you can pay for your purchase with the Sezzle mobile app. The application provides a variety of additional features, including a search tool for locating stores and an installation guide.

The Sezzle website also provides a helpful guide for merchant partners who are not pre-built. The website even includes a Shopify integration guide. You can also add an additional card to your Sezzle account to increase your approval chances.

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