What Is Kumospace?

You can host a virtual gathering for friends or coworkers using the Kumospace platform. It is simple to get started with Kumospace, and an account is not required. As long as you have a device with a camera and a microphone, you’re all set. Brett Martin, who spent his days working abroad before the 2020 shift to remote work, founded Kumospace. Massive multiplayer online role-playing games inspired him. The company’s goal is to provide a video chat experience that is more immersive than a typical video call. This is made possible by a novel spatial audio and video feature. This feature, powered by the track subscription API of Daily, enables you to interact in real time with your guests. You can navigate the virtual space and even click on food and beverages.

What Is Kumospace

Kumospace also provides a number of software integrations, such as links to shared files and screen sharing. With a feature that alerts users when new conversations are initiated, they are also attempting to address the issue of onboarding. A desktop application is also in the works. You can send both public and private messages, as well as broadcast messages to your entire team. Additionally, you can create your own private room.

Lightspeed recently led a $21 million Series A funding round for Kumospace. This funding will be used to assist in the expansion of the company’s product line and partner network. It also helps fund the creation of a desktop application. Kumospace has a twenty-person staff, but is always seeking engineering talent. Additionally, the beta is transitioning from private to public.

Additionally, Kumospace is making waves with a number of new software integrations. They are developing new features, such as an audio-only mode. In addition, the company has developed numerous new software integrations to improve the user experience. These include a new software integration with Hopin that will connect Kumospace to Hopin’s event platform.

Kumospace’s spatial audio and video feature, which provides a more immersive experience than traditional video calls, is one of its most notable features. You can navigate the virtual space, click on trays of food and beverages, and even hear the voices of your coworkers.

In addition to bars, coffee shops, and private rooms, Kumospace also provides a variety of virtual spaces. Additionally, you can create your own spaces, which are ideal for one-time events. There is even a hidden area that can only be discovered through a treasure hunt.

Additionally, Kumospace has the largest avatars ever seen. You can modify your avatar to include an icon denoting your availability. You can also view the avatars of your coworkers, including the avatars of those who are offline. You can even share your status message with your coworkers using the Kumospace widget.

Kumospace is an intriguing platform to investigate, despite not being the sexiest technology on the market. It is enjoyable to use and has impressive features.