What Is Expensify?

Managing expenses can be a time-intensive endeavor. Tracking the money your firm spends requires a significant amount of paperwork and manual data entry. Expensify can help you streamline the reimbursement process for company expenses. Expensify simplifies the management of employee spending by providing a comprehensive solution for expense management. Expensify delivers real-time reports on spending. You can submit receipts to your accounting software or to your accountant using Expensify. Expensify’s mobile app can also be used to track mileage and expenses. The mobile application contains a GPS function that records distance automatically. This eliminates the need to record odometer readings.

What Is Expensify

You may also scan receipts and add notes to your reports using the Expensify Smart Scan tool. The Smart Scan application employs intelligent coding to assist you in classifying your receipts. You can also manually insert receipt details into Expensify’s receipt queue. Additionally, Expensify provides OCR software that is unparalleled. Expensify helps worldwide enterprises with tax support. Expensify complies with the GDPR.

Multiple policies and policies can be connected to your Expensify account. You can also specify a manual reimbursement threshold to automatically approve charges below a certain amount. Recurring expenses are likewise automatically coded by Expensify. This function allows you to identify non-reimbursable charges within minutes. Expensify will help you avoid fraud and streamline your cost reimbursement process. You can also set up approval workflows to increase the efficiency of the process.

With Expensify, you can establish an ACH account for bill payment. You can also submit expenses straight to QuickBooks using Expensify. Additionally, you can export transactions to a CSV file. Expensify is compatible with the accounting applications Xero and QuickBooks. Downloading the Expensify Sync Manager allows you to connect your QuickBooks accounting software to Expensify.

Expensify enables you to track mileage and other company expenses. Expensify also provides a mobile app for submitting expense reports on the move. You can also set criteria for your categories, allowing you to quickly locate the information you require. You can also tailor your cost policy so that employees can be readily identified and reimbursed. Additionally, you can examine and mark contributions that violate your guidelines.

Expensify offers four different business strategies. Each plan includes a variable quantity of SmartScans. If you have the free plan, you will receive 25 SmartScans every month. If you purchase a plan, you can also upgrade to an unlimited number of SmartScans. Free options are also available for sole owners and independent businesses. Expensify also provides a complimentary Expensify Card, which your employees can use to make purchases. You are not required to utilize the Expensify Card, nevertheless.

Expensify has a large user base. The Expensify community can assist you in mastering the platform and increasing your productivity. Additionally, Expensify offers training videos. Additionally, you can call the concierge via the blue symbol.