What is Desmos?

Desmos, which was founded by Eli Luberoff, is a web application that provides students with a tool for understanding complex mathematical concepts. It allows students to visualize and connect mathematical expressions to concrete shapes. The application can be used to create images of superior quality for use in presentations and examinations. It is also a potent tool for teachers to use in the classroom to foster mathematical comprehension among students. In addition to graphing calculators, Desmos offers a variety of other tools that can assist students in becoming more proficient in mathematics. These tools are accessible to students with disabilities and are designed to promote inquiry-based learning.

What is Desmos

Desmos is compatible with scientific calculator terminology, polar function graphing, Cartesian inequalities, regressions, piece-wise function graphing, and multi-line displays. Desmos also provides audio tracing when dragging graphs and coordinates. Additionally, the application allows users to zoom in and out as well as modify the window size.

In addition to Desmos’s basic features, a variety of educational webinars provide more in-depth information about the application. These webinars cover how to use the application, the Desmos Activity Builder, and the fundamental Desmos features. These free webinars are an excellent way for educators to learn how to use Desmos.

In addition to calculators, Desmos offers a variety of instructional supports to help educators design engaging lessons for students. Teachers can design lessons that enable students to create their own graphs and activities that stimulate mathematical discourse among students. In addition to creating lessons, instructors can assign work based on the needs of their students. Teachers can also preview and share student work using Desmos. This allows students to work independently on problems, while teachers can observe student progress in real time.

Desmos can also be used by teachers to help students learn from their errors. Students are able to trace the graph, alter the color, and modify the axes. The application can also be used to teach students about square roots, square roots, and other related concepts. Teachers can also create interactive graphs for student check-ins and check-outs using Desmos. These graphs can be used to help students learn from their mistakes, as well as in other subject areas.

Unlike other calculators, students with disabilities can use graphing calculators from Desmos. Desmos Virginia calculators are accessible via refreshable braille displays and JAWS, VoiceOver, TalkBack, and ChromeBox. Students with disabilities can use a Desmos Graphing Calculator to better comprehend trigonometry, parabolas, square roots, and other complex math concepts.

Desmos also allows educators to create their own activities for use in the classroom or online courses. Desmos provides an online tool for generating high-quality assessment images. It is also a free graphing calculator, making it an excellent tool for educators.

Desmos is an interactive graphing calculator that facilitates learning through inquiry. It aids in the comprehension of complex mathematical concepts such as trigonometry, calculus, and algebra.