What is an Android Tablet?

Before making a purchase, consider what features you want in an Android tablet. Most of these tablets have a seven to twelve-inch screen, and the screen size can be customized to meet your preferences. Some tablets also have a rear or front camera. A camera on an Android tablet is useful for video calls and capturing moments.

What is an Android Tablet

Connectivity options for an Android tablet include 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. 3G refers to the third generation of mobile communications, while 4G is the fourth generation. Wi-Fi tablets don’t require a data plan, but data transfer is slower than with other options. Still, this isn’t a major issue if you’re going to use the device for streaming or game play.

The Android tablet market is a more saturated market, with hundreds of manufacturers competing for your business. You’ll find everything from cheap, low-performance tablets, to high-end tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 6s. These tablets come in different sizes, storage units, and touch screens, and they differ in many other factors. Despite the differences, android tablets tend to share many common features and functions.

Despite their low price, many Android tablets lack the Google Play Store. Installing Google Play Store on an Android tablet requires some technical knowledge. In addition, Android tablets are also available with data access and as Wi-Fi only models. The latter is usually offered at a discount from a cellular service provider.

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