Vera Orienteering Event Tower Of Fantasy

Hello friends, in this article we will provide information about Vera Orienteering Event Tower Of Fantasy. Tower of Fantasy is a game that is much awaited for release in 2022. For Genshin Impact players, it will definitely feel quite familiar, but this Tower of Fantasy game also has its own uniqueness.

Vera Orienteering Event Tower Of Fantasy

Vera Orienteering Event Tower Of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy Vera Orienteering event will be held from September 26th to October 11th 2022, the highlight of the event is players teamwork and raids to defeat the World Boss that can give players chests that can be opened with Type III chips. This event also gave players a chance to get know the area and new goods that can be traded in store. Players can collect a special item “Proof of Contributions” by using Warp Energy Cells at the event page. A Journey Store will be available where the players can receive Chat Bubble, Red Nucleus, Avatar Frame and many more, just don’t forget to get in the limited time offer. Here are the 3 main events for Vera Orienteering Tower of Fantasy which is Entrusted Investigation, Cleaning Agreement and Cleaner Contract. Each of the events will give you rewards when you accomplished it.

Information About Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG with unique combat set in a vast fantasy world – the planet Aida, where players will face off against deadly machines and monsters. This game will make players focus on making important combat tactics in destroying the enemy with a combination of skills on land and air.

Tower of Fantasy games have a variety of characters that you can use, each with their own unique approach and weapons in combat. That way, regardless of what conditions you face, you will always have a chance to fight to be a winner. You can also team up with other travelers, so you don’t have to explore this mysterious planet alone.


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