Vera Orienteering Cleaner Contract Event Tower Of Fantasy

Hello everyone, for those who are still looking for information about Vera Orienteering Cleaner Contract Event Tower Of Fantasy, we will discuss it in the following post. Tower of Fantasy is a game that is widely anticipated to be released in 2022. Those who have played Genshin Impact will definitely feel quite familiar, but this Tower of Fantasy game also has its own characteristics.

Vera Orienteering Event Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy Vera Orienteering Cleaner Contract Event

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The player must cooperate with others in a small group to complete the final task of the challenge. After signing up for the event, you have two options: either personally look for a team that is recruiting for it, or allow the server put you in line with other players. With infinite tries, defeat the event instance and collect varied amounts of Warp Energy Cells based on various challenges. Tower of Fantasy Vera Orienteering Cleaner Contract event will be available starting from October 7th 11:00. The main reward from Cleaner Contract event is:

  • Title: Vera Navigator
  • SSR Relic: Spacetime Rift
  • Red Nucleus
  • Energy Crystal Dust
  • Dark Crystal
  • Server Progress Reward

Information About Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG with exciting combat in a vast fantasy world, where players will face dangerous machines and monsters. This game will make players really like making essential combat tactics in overcoming enemies with a combination of skills on land and air.

Explore the vast RPG World. Planet Aida is a new world that been destroyed by the Omnium Calamity many years ago. The remaining people are now struggling to restore freedom, hope and order. As a Player, you have to defend the planet.


I hope you all understand about Vera Orienteering Cleaner Contract Event Tower Of Fantasy. If the discussion is useful, please help share! Thank you in advance. Have fun playing.

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