Tower of Fantasy Lepus Constellation Link Guide

Another Puzzle that involving telescopes and the constellations requires you to find the Tower of Fantasy Lepus Constellation. Three of them telescopes are located in the Navia region, one of the Tower Of Fantasy many exploring options, however they are unluckily very well hidden.

The location of the smart telescope is at above a cliff, behind a huge tower housing a satellite. Two level 30 Harlequin opponents are nearby; take caution. They won’t see you if you circle around the right-hand tower.

Lepus Constellation Link Tower Of Fantasy Location

You can find the Lepus Constellation Link smart telescope near Navia Bay with coordinates -276.4 , -514.7. After you interact with the smart telescope, the Lepus Constellation Link image will initially appear like this:

Lepus Constellation Link Tower Of Fantasy Guide

Simply connect each blue star to the closest orange one to complete the Lepus Constellation puzzle. Since they both lead to the same orange star, the two in the upper right corner must do the same. Each blue star only requires one line, for a total of five lines. And the result will be like this when you are done:

Lepus Constellation Link Tower Of Fantasy Walkthrough

These are the guide where to find the Lepus Constellation location and how to solve the Lepus Constellation Link. If you find these information from is helpful, please share this page. Thank you very much.

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