Rust Philly Location Tower Of Fantasy

Hi players, this article will discuss about Rust Philly Location Tower Of Fantasy. Tower of Fantasy is one of the most anticipated games for a global release in 2022. Those who have played Genshin Impact will surely feel quite familiar, but this Tower of Fantasy game also has its own uniqueness.

Rust Philly Location Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy Rust Philly Location

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At the Tower of Fantasy game, the location of the Rust Philly may be found in the Artificial Island area of the game. This tutorial will show you how to find him. The 1.5 update, Artificial Island, has a wide variety of brand new optional quests and challenging bosses for players to defeat. One of the five new monsters that have been introduced to the Artificial Island zone of Tower of Fantasy is referred as Rust Philly.

Rust Philly Location Tower Of Fantasy

Rust Philly located near the bottom area of Base Zero, Philly will be seen flying around the grass with approximate coordinates 148.3, 161.0 and search thoroughly around the area.

Information About Tower Of Fantasy

Set on the planet Aida hundreds of years in the distant future, the sci-fi anime-inspired Open World RPG, Game Tower of Fantasy by developer Hotta Studio and publisher Level Infinite, will be available on PC and iOS and Android globally in 2020. 2022.

Explore the expansive Open World RPG. Planet Aida is a new world that been damaged by the Omnium Catastrophe many years ago. People are now struggling to restore freedom, hope and order. As a Player, you must save this world.


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