Potion Permit Tongue Cooler Recipe Guide

Hello, those of you who are interested in Potion Permit Tongue Cooler Recipe Guide will find this article useful. Potion Permit is an open-ended crafting simulation role-playing game released on 22 September 2022 by MassHive Media. At Potion Permit, you must collect ingredients to treat ill patients, pet your dog, go fishing, and engage in many other fascinating activities.

Potion Permit Potion Recipe Ingredients Guide

Tongue Cooler Recipe Potion Permit Guide

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How to solve the Tongue Cooler puzzle and ingredients you can use to make Tongue Cooler recipe on Potion Permit is:

Potion Permit Tongue Cooler Recipe Puzzle Guide

Note: Don’t forget to upgrade your Cauldron at Hearts and Sparks Shop so that you can add more items.

Regarding Potion Permit

Moonbury has long been cautious of the outside world’s advancements, preferring to rely on traditional means of treatment. When the mayor’s daughter becomes ill and the local witch doctor is unable to treat her, they are compelled to seek assistance from outside their small community.

The Medical Association chooses to send their most accomplished chemist which is you to Moonbury to help cure the mayor’s daughter and convince the locals of the marvels of modern alchemy. In this open-ended simulation role-playing game, you must gain each individual’s trust and treat them when they fall ill.


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