Potion Permit Quest Fixing The Cable Car Guide

Hello everyone, in this article we will explain Potion Permit Quest Fixing The Cable Car Guide for those of you who want to know what it is. Potion Permit is a MassHive Media open-ended crafting simulation RPG that was launched on September 22, 2022. At Potion Permit, you must gather ingredients to care for sick patients, pet your dog, go fishing, and conduct a variety of other entertaining activities.

Potion Permit Quest Fixing The Cable Car Guide

Potion Permit Fixing The Cable Car Quest Guide

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When you are at the Meadow Range area, you will notice a snow terrain field at the upper north Meadow Range, at the snow field you will see a broken Cable Car, without it running you can’t go across to the new area Glaze Iceberg.  After speaking with Forrest and Bubble, you can go straight back to town and find Opalheart that will tell you that she need a new blueprint and Lucke will give the new blueprint. The materials needed for Metal Cogs (new blueprint) is:

  • 10 Copper Nugget
  • 10 Silver Nugget

Potion Permit Metal Cogs Materials

The Nuggets that you gave to Opalheart will be turned into Metal Cogs for the Cable Car. Return to the scene where the Cable Car is, and another scene with Forrest and Bubble fixing the Cable Car will trigger. The materials needed for Fixing The Cable Car is:

  • 1 Metal Cogs
  • 3,000 Gold
  • 675 Wood
  • 525 Stone

Potion Permit Boulder Wall Quest Cable Car

Now this is how you enter the Glaze Iceberg area where you can find a new materials that will be needed for new recipes. You will able to upgrade the Blacksmith level, so that you can upgrade your weapons, health and Cauldron of course.

Potion Permit Story

The town of Moonbury has always been cautious of outside innovations, preferring to rely on traditional healing practices. Until one day, when the mayor’s daughter becomes ill and the local witch doctor is unable to heal her, they are compelled to seek assistance outside of their small hamlet.

The Medical Association chooses to send their most accomplished chemist (you) to assist cure the mayor’s daughter and persuade Moonbury inhabitants of the glories of modern alchemy. In this open-ended sim RPG, gain their trust and care for each individual when they become unwell.


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