Potion Permit Beehive Cleaning Quest Guide

Hi all, for those of you who want to find out Potion Permit Beehive Cleaning Quest Guide, we will discuss this in this article. Potion Permit is an open-ended crafting simulation RPG developed by MassHive Media that has been released at 22 September 2022. At Potion Permit you are need to harvest ingredients to take care of the ill patients, petting your dog, go fishing and many other exciting things to do.

potion permit beehive quest

Potion Permit Quest Beehive Cleaning Walkthrough

When you are doing the beehive cleaning quest, you can only find 2 out of 3 beehives at the designated area, just go a little north of Bulk and Build, you will find the third beehive location there.

About Potion Permit

The town of Moonbury has always been wary of the advances of the outside world, preferring to rely on their traditional methods of healing. Until one day, when the mayor’s daughter falls ill, and the local witch doctor can do nothing to help her, they are forced to look outside their small community for help.

The Medical Association decides to send their most accomplished chemist – you – to help cure the mayor’s daughter and convince the residents of Moonbury of the wonders of modern alchemy. Gain their trust and tend to each person when they fall ill in this open-ended sim RPG.


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