Path to Nowhere Tier List For Beginners

Hello everyone, let me tell you a little bit about Path to Nowhere Tier List For Beginners. Path to Nowhere, released on October 27th, 2022 by AISNO Games, is a real-time tower defense game with a cast of Sinners characters. Place Sinners according to their skills and strategies for beating your opponents by using their potent ultimate powers, which refuel throughout combat. The game also has a thorough RPG upgrade system that lets you level up your sinners to unlock potent new skills and improve their potential. In order to learn more about your prisoners’ backgrounds and to try to help them change their ways on this path of blood, you can also interrogate and speak with them one-on-one.

Path to Nowhere Tier List For Beginners

Path to Nowhere Tier List For Beginners

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For the new begginer players, here are some Tier List Sinners that can help you save resources through the game:

  • Nox (Class S) – Obtained after 14 days getting 65 Imprint Points, AOE damage skills.
  • Labyrinth (Class B) – Obtained from Main Story, skill Purge Order can charge up to 2 times.
  • Hecate (Class A) – Obtained from Main Story, skill Lightless Mirror can break 2 Cores.
  • EMP (Class B) – Obtained from Main Story, passive skill Double Arrow can refresh Ultra EM Arrow skill when it scores a kill, has 45 second cooldown.
  • Luvia Ray (Class A) – Obtained after 3 days, DPS with great range. (Deal more damage when combined with Pacassi passive skills)
  • Kelvin (Class B) – Obtained from Gacha, able to freezes enemies which is useful.
  • Ariel (Class A) – Obtained from Gacha, great healer.
  • Macchiato (Class B) – Obtained from Gacha, moderate healer.

Concerning Path to Nowhere

In Path to Nowhere, you take over the leadership of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control and are tasked with leading and controlling Sinners, dangerous convicts in a battle against Mania, a mysterious mutation that leads people to lose their sanity before eventually turning into monsters. The only hope for the world’s redemption, or destruction if you can’t manage them, is these prisoners who have been infected by the Mania and have acquired remarkable powers as a result.


We hope that the details regarding Path to Nowhere Tier List For Beginners will help you comprehend the game better. I appreciate your coming.

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