Path to Nowhere Sinner Wendy Phase 2 Guide

Hi all, we would like to share some information about Path to Nowhere Sinner Wendy Phase 2 Guide. Path to Nowhere published by AISNO Games is a real-time tower defense game with a variety of sinful characters that was released on October 27th 2022. Place Sinners based on their abilities and tactics for defeating your opponents by executing their powerful ultimate powers that fill up during battle. The game also includes a comprehensive RPG upgrade system that allows you to level up your sinners to earn powerful new abilities and increase their capabilities. You can also question and converse with your inmates one-on-one to discover more about their backgrounds while also attempting to rehabilitate them on this path of blood.

Path to Nowhere Wendy Phase 2 Guide

Path to Nowhere Sinner Wendy Phase 2 Requirements

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Upgrading your characters is the most important thing to do in every game. So here is the requirement to upgrade Wendy to Phase 2:

Wendy Phase 2 Path to Nowhere

  • 15 Phase 1 Fury Elemental Particle from Parma Ruins Fury every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • 12 Bronze Concentrate from Main Story 2-8.
  • 18 Broken Horn from Main Story 1-9.
  • 30,000 DisCoins

About Path to Nowhere

In Path to Nowhere, you assume command of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control and held responsible with commanding and guiding Sinners, dangerous prisoners in a war against Mania, a mystery mutation that causes people to lose their sanity and finally turn into monsters. These convicts, on the other hand, have been infected by the Mania but have earned extraordinary powers as a result, making them the world’s sole hope for salvation, or destruction if you fail to control them.


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