Overmortal Daily Quests Guide

Hi all, for those of you who want to find out about Overmortal Daily Quests Guide, we will discuss this in this article. In the Overmortal Open Beta session released by LTGames Global, a game with the slogan ‘Martial World, so easy!’ This provides an opportunity for players to be able to try various existing gameplay features, ranging from the character-building system, Sect Clash, Couple Cultivation, exclusive pets, custom skins, auto grinding and many more.

Overmortal Daily Quests Guide

Overmortal Daily Individu and Sect Quests Guide

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Demonbend Abyss

Quest: Sect
Time: 9am to 10pm utc+7, Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Every sect member can attack the sect’s boss for 10 minutes. If there is more sect members attacking together, you will get damage buff. The higher the damage dealt, the better the rewards. (Individual Reward & Sect Reward)

Sect Meditation

Quest: Sect
Time: 9am to 10pm utc+7, Every Tuesday & Thursday
Every sect member can go to the training ground to get idle cultivation exp and if many sect members meditating together you can get exp buff.

Sect Clash

Quest: Sect
Time: 9pm utc+7, Every Saturday
On a battlefield, every sect with a barrier in the same realm will congregate. Killing enemy cultivators, enemy sect arrays, and beasts on the map awards you some points.

Beast Invasion

Quest: Individual
There will be server bosses spawn in every map on 12pm & 6pm utc+7.
Total dealt damage reward ranking that can receive once per day. Last hit rewards that can be received twice per day ( once at 12pm & once at 6pm).

Demon Spire

Quest: Individual
You will get a forging stone every 5 floors and every first 10 players reaching every 100 floors will get a bonus.

Information About Overmortal

Game Idle RPG Overmortal has opened pre-registration for gamers since August 19, 2022 ago. The game received high enthusiasm from gamers until it reached 1 million pre-registrations from the first day until September 20, 2022.

And on September 21, 2022, this Eastern Fantasy Wuxia Idle RPG game will open an Open Beta session for SEA servers (except Thailand and Vietnam).


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