How To Use Tata Cliq

Tata Cliq is an online shopping platform, it allows you to sell things online and provides several discounts and promotions. The organization gives a money-back guarantee to its consumers. The platform carries more than 300,000 genuine products from 400+ manufacturers. Additionally, the company procures external brands straight from manufacturer warehouses. It utilizes real-time data to customize purchasing experiences. Tata CLiQ offers complimentary shipping on popular items. Customers can obtain a discount by using a coupon code during checkout. In addition, Tata CLiQ offers a 30-day return policy. Due to this, you may return any item purchased on the website within 30 days of receipt. Tata Cliq gift cards can also be used to receive discounts.

How To Use Tata Cliq

Tata CLiQ includes a tool for determining the optimal price for a product. Additionally, you can contact customer service with any questions. Additionally, you may examine your order history and shipment details. You can use a credit card, a debit card, or a mobile wallet to make a transaction.

Tata CLiQ is an e-commerce platform that was developed to fulfill India’s expanding consumer demand. It carries over 300,000 genuine products from over 400 brands and offers special products via its partner stores. The company believes in the Omni-channel concept, which allows customers to shop both online and in-store. Hugo Boss, Armani Jeans, and Jimmy Choo are among the companies with whom the company has partnered. It has a 30-day return policy and offers free shipping.

Tata Cliq features a product listing quality checker that can assist you in resolving listing issues. In addition, Tata CLiQ provides a visual search tool that helps you to locate goods that meet your requirements. Additionally, the company sells a barcode scanner for identifying and tracking merchandise. You may also search for products using voice search. Tata Cliq personalizes your purchasing experience using timely data.

Tata Cliq provides a superior customer service team that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, Tata Cliq customer support can assist with swaps and reimbursements. They can be reached through telephone at 022 4088 5722. Adobe Target is utilized by Tata Cliq to manage customer-facing solutions.

Tata Cliq provides its customers with an EMI option that enables them to make purchases on a no-interest EMI basis. Tata Cliq also allows customers to return things for free within 30 days. To ask about the return policy for a product, customers can contact customer service or their partner stores.

Tata CLiQ’s logo is a magnifying glass, which emphasizes the company’s commitment to selecting the finest products. The company has formed partnerships with fourteen international luxury labels, such as Giorgio Armani, Coach, Burberry, Hugo BOSS, and Jimmy Choo. These brands are available at the Tata Cliq online store. Additionally, it is a distribution partner for a number of these brands.

In India, Tata CLiQ has partnered with numerous companies, including New Look, Lipsy London, Infinity Lingerie, Warehouse, Phase Eight, Quiz, and Oasis. It has exclusive partnerships with twelve international brands.