How to Use Edpuzzle for Student Engagement

Edpuzzle can be an unique and entertaining approach to engage your pupils. The website has several interactive features, such as video clipping and questioning tools. It is also excellent for studying assignments and preparing for exams. Edpuzzle includes films from YouTube, TED Talks, Vimeo, and Khan Academy in its video library. You can search for videos on a specific subject, such as climate change. After locating a video that you believe will be of interest to your pupils, you can alter it to incorporate questions. Videos might also include questions to assess students’ comprehension of the topic. This tool is especially important for primary school kids. In addition to movies, Edpuzzle offers a variety of additional capabilities, like audio-replacement.

How to Use Edpuzzle for Student Engagement

This capability is very useful when explaining concepts in a step-by-step manner. A voiceover can also assist with contextualizing a film within a bigger effort, such as a research project. You can also record your own voice over in addition to replacing the audio in a video. This is very useful for highlighting a learning objective or reminding students of their research project question.

Additionally, Edpuzzle enables users to share their movies with others. These films may be shared on a variety of websites, such as Google Classroom, Powerschool, and Blackboard. Users can also link their movies to other edtech applications, such as Schoology and Clever. Edpuzzle can also connect to other educational software, such as Moodle and Canvas, depending on your needs.

The search box on Edpuzzle enables you to locate certain terms and course titles. You can also search depending on the content of a video. Additionally, the site provides recommendations for high-quality films from partner sites, such as Vimeo and Khan Academy. The service is also intended to assist teachers learn more about their students by allowing them to monitor their video participation. In addition to these capabilities, Edpuzzle offers a variety of metrics that enable teachers to conduct individualized and differentiated instruction.

Using the search box on the Edpuzzle website, you can find videos that correspond to your specific lesson or school’s objectives. The website also provides a library of movies aligned with certain curriculum. Teachers can also use the search bar to find films relating to a certain subject, such as cheetahs or climate change. Additionally, it is possible to generate a QR code that students can scan to watch videos.

You can even substitute the audio of a video with your own voice using Edpuzzle’s audio-replacement tool. This is very beneficial for explaining ideas, such as vocabulary words or synonyms, to students. While your audio note plays, the source audio will be paused. Additionally, the audio note can be utilized to illustrate a particular segment of the video.

Additionally, the website features a note-making function that allows users to annotate films. These notes can be used to summarize a video, explain a concept briefly, or highlight a particular segment. The video editor’s note-taking function is accessible in the “Questions” section.