How To Sell Potions On Potion Permit

Hello everyone, in this article, we’ll talk about How To Sell Potions On Potion Permit for those of you who are interested in learning more. MassHive Media‘s Potion Permit is an open-ended crafting simulation role-playing game that was released on September 22, 2022. You must gather materials at Potion Permit to care for the sick patients, as well as engage in interesting activities like petting your dog and going fishing.

Potion Permit How To Sell Potions

Potion Permit – How To Sell Potions

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Selling potions is one of the most important things to make some extra money /gold at Potion Permit. After a few days (in-game) going on, many tasks and adventures you have accomplished, at some morning there will be Collin in front of your house. Collin will let you know that there is a Drop Box outside your house, a bird courier will take every potion you drop there before 17:00 everyday. The potion will be bought by the people at the city academy no matter how much potions you put at the Drop Box, so no worries.

Potion Permit Selling Potions Drop Box Location

Information About Potion Permit

The people of Moonbury have long been skeptical of modern advancements, preferring to rely on age-old treatments. They never had to look outside of their small town for assistance until the mayor’s daughter becomes ill and the witch doctor is powerless to help.

You will be sent by the Medical Association as their most skilled chemist to help heal the mayor’s daughter and persuade the people of Moonbury of the benefits of contemporary alchemy. In this open-ended simulation role-playing game, earn their trust and treat each person as they become ill.


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