How To Get Warp Energy Cells Tower Of Fantasy

Ok everyone, on this occasion we will discuss the topic about How To Get Warp Energy Cells Tower Of Fantasy. Tower of Fantasy is one of the most anticipated games for a global release in 2022. Those who have played Genshin Impact will certainly feel quite familiar, but this Tower of Fantasy game also has its own uniqueness.

tower of fantasy how to get warp energy cells

Tower of Fantasy – How To Get Warp Energy Cells

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Basically Hunt Hyena Gang to get Warp Energy Cells:

  • Hyena Thug, Hyena Sniper, Hyena Warrior: 1 Warp Energy Cells
  • Razor Elite, Head Hunter Elite, Assasin, Beater: 2 Warp Energy Cells
  • Overpower (Pitcher, Mauler), Samurai: 4 Warp Energy Cells
  • Assault Armor (Blade, Saw): 10 Warp Energy Cells
  • Lucia (World Boss): 20 Warp Energy Cells

You can also get Warp Energy Cells from Chest, except the Type III Password Chest:

  • Rusted Iron Chest: 5 Warp Energy Cells
  • Type I Password Chest: 15 Warp Energy Cells
  • Type II Password Chest: 50 Warp Energy Cells
  • Type III Password Chest: 0 Warp Energy Cells !!

Information About Tower Of Fantasy

Set on the planet Aida in hundreds of years in the distant future, the Open World RPG with an anime-inspired sci-fi adventure, Game Tower of Fantasy from developer Hotta Studio and publisher Level Infinite, will be available for Android as well as iOS and PC globally in 2022. .

Explore the vast RPG World. Planet Aida is a new world that been destroyed by the Omnium Calamity hundreds of years ago. Many of the remaining people are now trying to restore freedom, hope, and order. As a Wanderer, you must save the planet.


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