How To Get Herbs On Against The Storm

Hi all, today we will discuss about How To Get Herbs On Against The Storm. Eremite Games manufactures Against The Storm. They are a tiny team of five independent developers from Poland. Against the Storm is the company’s primary game. The release on November 1, 2022 remained an early access version, although new content was added. Against the Storm’s gameplay aspects are quite unique. Each map will begin with a fireplace, storage, a few units, and access to basic city structures. On the map, there will also be resource nodes. The nodes on each map will be generated at random each time. Every game will be different, as will the way you win it. Notably, there is no warfare or conflict with other cities. In this game, the risk is posed by curses from new glades.

How To Get Herbs On Against The Storm

How To Produce Herbs On Against The Storm

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Against The Storm Herb Garden

Build Herb Garden near Fertile Soil and place Farm Field replacing the Fertile Soil, after that put Human Villager to work and then you can harvest Roots or Herbs. Roots can be used as raw food for the Villagers as well as producing other items.

Note: Make sure you already has the blueprint when pickup a new building after level up gaining reputation points.

About Against The Storm

You are the Viceroy, a leader tasked by the Scorched Queen with reclaiming the wilderness and unearthing lost riches for the Smoldering City, the last stronghold of civilization against the Blightstorm that wiped out the old world. In Against the Storm, rather than focusing on a single city like in typical survival city builders, you must construct a wide, affluent network of towns populated by varied fantasy species, each with their own specializations and demands.

However, the wilderness conceals numerous hidden hazards, and endless storms will reduce your population to subjection. If your settlements collapse, the expedition may finish, but the game will continue. Against the Storm is a roguelite city-builder, which means that you will carry over the resources, improvements, and experience from your previous expeditions whenever you embark on a new voyage into the wilderness.


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