How To Get Bronze Bar On Coral Island

Hi all, at this moment we will give an information about How To Get Bronze Bar On Coral Island. Coral Island developed by Stairway Games, dips into the classics of the farm sim genre and you must become the best farmer and keeping the environmental sustainability. Players can do various outdoor activities, such as gardening, raising livestock, mining and even having romantic relationships. Another features that Coral Island has is that allowing players to do house decorations as well as change character designs.

How To Make Bronze Bar Coral Island

How To Get Bronze Bar On Coral Island

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If you want to upgrade your tools, you must talk to Pablo / Rafael which are the local blacksmith at the Coral Island. After entering the Cavern at the Coral Island, you will get some Bronze Ore and many types of Geode inside the Cavern. After you collected some Bronze Ore and you are done for the day, the next morning Pablo will be waiting outside your house and he will give you the Furnace blueprint which you can put it outside of your house like Recycling Machine and Extractor.

How To Get Bronze Bar Coral Island

The ingredients needed to build the Furnace is:

Furnace Ingredients Coral Island

  • 40 Stone
  • 20 Bronze Ore

After you install the Furnace you can start to make some Bronze Bar, the ingredients for making Bronze Bar are:

  • 5 Bronze Ore
  • 1 Coal

That is how you make a Bronze Bar, you need 5 Bronze Bar and some money for upgrading your each tools to make it to Bronze Level. Geode can be turned into some precious Gems at the Blacksmith too. Be sure to collect them at the Cavern.

About Coral Island

A lively and carefree reinterpretation of farm sim games is Coral Island. Live off the land, care for animals, develop friendships with a wide range more than 40+ of town residents, and contribute to a more vibrant and peaceful environment as you explore magical island life.

Coral Island is a simulation game that is thick with elements of Southeast Asian culture. One example is the emergence of buildings in the game that are inspired by traditional Balinese designs. There are also Forgotten Caverns where precious gemstones can be mined, but bring some weapons before you went to that caverns because there are monsters awaits.


We hope this information will help you understand on How To Get Bronze Bar On Coral Island. Have fun farming!