How To Evolve Magic Wand Vampire Survivors

Hello, on this occasion we will talk about How To Evolve Magic Wand Vampire Survivors. Luca Galante, also known as poncle, created and published the roguelike shoot ’em up video game Vampire Survivors. It was made available for early access on December 17, 2021, followed by a full release on October 20, 2022. The player chooses from a variety of characters, each with their own arsenal of starting weapons and bonuses, and controls them on an endless stage with an automatically generated, repetitive layout.

How to evolve weapons on vampire survivors

Vampire Survivors – How To Upgrade Magic Wand

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When fighting mobs on Vampire Survivors, one of the most important thing is to upgrade and evolve the weapons that you used at that round. Here is how to upgrade and evolve Magic Wand on Vampire Survivors:

how to upgrade magic wand vampire survivors

  • Magic Wand + Empty Tome = Holy Wand (fires with no delay)

The mechanics of Vampire Survivors

The player’s weapons attack automatically, and the objective is to survive as long as possible against waves of monsters that deal damage upon contact. The ultimate form of the majority of weapons can be obtained by fully upgrading them and meeting other requirements.

Sessions in Vampire Survivors are limited to 15 or 30 minutes, depending on the selected stage. When the timer expires, all enemies are eliminated from the stage and Death, a final, extremely powerful foe, appears. After that, one additional Death will appear every minute, ensuring the player’s ultimate demise.


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