How To Cook On Coral Island

Hello everyone, at this time we will provide information about How To Cook On Coral Island. Coral Island, developed by Stairway Games, is a farm simulation game in which you must become the best farmer while also maintaining environmental sustainability. Players can engage in a variety of outdoor activities such as gardening, livestock raising, mining, and even romantic relationships. Another feature of Coral Island is the ability for players to decorate their homes and change their character designs.

That is the Cooking Guide on Coral Island.

How To Cook On Coral Island

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Maybe some of you wonder how can there be no cooking activities at the Coral Island. At the Socket & Pan Store, you will get notified that you can’t buy any cooking utensils before you have a bigger house. You can upgrade your house at the Carpenter that is owned by Dinda and Joko. You can start cooking after completing the Upgrade House Stage 2.

How To Cook On Coral Island

That is the Cooking Guide on Coral Island. And it require 10 Stamina each time you cook any meal.

Coral Island Information

Coral Island is a lively and carefree reinterpretation of farm sim games. As you explore magical island life, you will live off the land, care for animals, make friends with more than 40 town residents, and contribute to a more vibrant and peaceful environment.

Coral Island is a simulation game that is heavily influenced by Southeast Asian culture. One example is the appearance in the game of buildings inspired by traditional Balinese designs. There are also Forgotten Caverns where precious gemstones can be mined, but bring some weapons with you if you go because monsters await.


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