How to Build a Smartphone Yourself

The DIY smartphone project is a great way to learn electronics and coding. The MAKERphone is the brainchild of 20-year-old Albert Gajsak. He previously created the Makerbuino, a make-your-own 8-bit handheld games console. When the Makerbuino project failed, he decided to focus his efforts on making smartphones.

How to Build a Smartphone Yourself

In the past decade, Asian markets have exploded with smartphone manufacturing facilities. One of these companies is Huawei, which is the second largest smartphone brand in the world. It shipped over 200 million handsets last year. However, because the Chinese government does not allow Chinese companies to manufacture their products in the United States, Huawei must build their phones completely from scratch.

The development process starts with an idea for a mobile phone in a board room. The idea is then passed to a research and development team. The team begins by making a non-working prototype. Initially, the research team focuses on aesthetics. It passes the prototype around to the relevant people to get their input. Once the aesthetics are settled, the team can start work on the inside working kit of the handset.

You’ll need some basic craft supplies. A shoe box or a photo box from a crafts store is a great option. You will also need a magnifying glass and a camera lens. You can also use masking tape or washable glue. It is important to use a clean, white surface to apply strong glue.

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