How to Block a Number on iPhone

To block a number from contacting you, first go to your iPhone’s phone app. This is typically located in the home screen. Select the icon that looks like a white phone receiver. You will notice that the icon has the words “Block this caller” in red text. Tap on this to confirm blocking the number.

How to Block a Number on iPhone

You can also choose to report unwanted text messages by clicking the “Report Junk” link that appears below the message. This will send the message and its contact details to Apple and will also delete the message from your phone. However, this will not stop the sender from sending you messages in the future. You must block a number if you want to stop unwanted calls and messages from bothering you.

When you block a number, it won’t receive any calls, texts, or FaceTime requests. If the caller uses FaceTime, the message will still be sent to your iPhone, but you won’t be notified of it. The good news is that it’s extremely easy to unblock a blocked number. Apple has a support page that can guide you through this process.

To block a number, you will need to go to the Contacts app on your iPhone. Once you have the contacts list, you will need to tap the Block this Caller button or the Block Contact button. When you are done blocking the number, you can unblock it again by following the same steps.

You can also block emails and FaceTime. After blocking a number, you can unblock it in a few taps. Once you do this, all communications with that person will cease. If you prefer to have conversations with someone, you can also allow them to text you instead. This way, you can ensure that they don’t bother you.

Blocking a number on iPhone also helps protect your privacy. It means that you will not receive any text messages from blocked numbers. Instead, these messages will go to your trash folder. To unblock the blocked number, you must open the Settings app. Go to the Blocked Contacts section. Next, swipe left on the name of the person you want to block.

Blocking a number on your iPhone is easy. You can tap the ‘i’ icon and scroll down to select Block. Once you’ve blocked a number, any communications with that number will go straight to voicemail. You can also revert blocking by swiping left on the block list.

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