Easy Normal Hard Chests Ruins A01 Location Tower Of Fantasy

You will encounter chests in Tower of Fantasy Ruins A-01 that you can open to receive goodies. It will take some effort searching to find these chests because they are typically hidden. If you’re having trouble finding the chests in Ruin A-01 while exploring in Hard Mode, you can use the tips below to help you out.

Locations of every Easy Normal Hard Mode Chests in Ruins A-01 Tower of Fantasy

There are more chests to be found as a Ruin’s difficulty level rises. There are six chests to find in Ruin A-01. Here is the guide on how to find all the hidden chest Ruins A-01 Tower of Fantasy.

Ruins A-01 Easy Chests Tower Of Fantasy

Look to your right when you enter the Ruin room; there is a cracked wall there. To access the chest, break it open using Missile Barrage relic.

Ruins A-01 Easy Chest Location Tower Of Fantasy

There are many foes that you must defeat, so head straight down. Throw the explosive canister towards the nearby cracked wall once the area has been cleared. Another chest from ruins a-01 easy mode will appear.

Easy Chest Ruins A-01 Tower Of Fantasy

Ruins A-01 Normal Chests Tower Of Fantasy

Enter the grassy area and eliminate all the adversaries there. Walk ahead to the dead end, you will notice two more explosive containers in the corner. Take up one and toss it at the cracked wall in front of you to get Chest Normal mode.

Ruins A-01 Normal Chest Location Tower Of Fantasy


As you return to the entrance with the other container, you will see a deformed building off to the side. To get another Normal mode Chest number two, hurl the container at it.

Ruins A-01 Normal Chest Location Tower Of Fantasy

Ruins A-01 Hard Chests Tower Of Fantasy

A cracked wall may be found just next to Chest Normal mode number 2, close to the entryway. Break it with your Missile Barrage Relic to get access to Chest Hard mode number 1.

Ruins A-01 Hard Chest Location Tower Of Fantasy

Return to the first room where you obtained Chest Easy mode number 1. There is a fractured wall near the roof at the top of the chamber. Use whatever tools are necessary to disassemble it, then climb up to the top to retrieve the last Chest using Omnium Handcannon.

Ruins A-01 Hard Chest Location Tower Of Fantasy

These are the information regarding all the hidden chests in Ruin A-01 in Tower of Fantasy. Hope this guide from 1-gsm.com helps you.

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