Disney Dreamlight Valley Hearty Salad Recipe

Hi there, today we’re going to discuss about Disney Dreamlight Valley Hearty Salad Recipe. Disney, Pixar, and Gameloft have already made Disney Dreamlight Valley accessible as of September 6, 2022. The Disney Dreamlight Valley game is a life-simulation and adventure simulation in which you take on the role of a character with a variety of daily tasks, including gathering ingredients, cooking, fishing, planting, and many other exciting tasks.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Recipe Lists Guide

How To Make Hearty Salad – Disney Dreamlight Valley Recipe Lists

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The following is how to cook Hearty Salad 3 Stars Meal and the ingredients needed:

Disney Dreamlight Valley Hearty Salad Recipe

  • 1x Lettuce
  • 2x Any type of vegetables

Note: 1 Coal Ore needed for every dish you make, some dish are needed for completing quests.

What Disney Dreamlight Valley Is About

Disney A hybrid of a life simulation and an adventure game, Dreamlight Valley has quests, exploration, and entertaining activities starring well-known and undiscovered Disney and Pixar characters. Before the Forgetting, Disney and Pixar characters coexisted harmoniously in the once-picturesque Dreamlight Valley.

Get ready to discover the vast Dreamlight Valley and interact with a variety of Disney characters, including Donald Duck, Wall-E, Merlin, Ursula and more. Remove the night thorns to restore tranquility to the residents of Dreamlight Valley. Don’t forget to complete the Dreamlight Duties quest each day and to continue gathering Dreamlights to unlock new maps.


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