Devourer Location Tower Of Fantasy

Hello players, In this discussion we will discuss about Devourer Location Tower Of Fantasy. Tower of Fantasy is one of the games that is widely anticipated to be released in 2022. Those who have played Genshin Impact of course will feel quite familiar, but this Tower of Fantasy game also has its own advantages.

Devourer Location Tower Of Fantasy

Devourer Location Coordinates Tower Of Fantasy

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The Devourer is a monstrous creature that has a blue hue and resembles a frog, and there are wires wrapped around its torso and its armor. You will need to have a conversation with Kolador who is located in Banges Dock in order to go there. It is possible to find Devourer standby in the exact center of the Ring Arena with coordinates 201.5, -299.4. Because of its tremendous health and armor, this blue huge frog Devourer is an extremely challenging foe to overcome. There are no other dangerous creatures to be found anywhere in this region. You will receive the “Devourer” Achievement if you have successfully defeated it.

Devourer Location Tower Of Fantasy

What is Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG with exciting battles taking place on the planet Aida where players will face machines and very dangerous beasts. This game will make players indulge in making important battle strategies in destroying enemies with a combination of skills on land and air.

This Tower of Fantasy game has a variety of characters at your disposal, each with their own unique approach and weapons to battle. That way, no matter what situation you find yourself in, you have a fighting chance to be victorious. You can also team up with friends, so you don’t have to traverse this mysterious land alone.


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