Roasted Drumstick with Vegetables Recipe Aida Cafe Tower Of Fantasy

Well everyone, for those of you who are still looking for information about Braised Turkey with Apples Recipe Aida Cafe Tower Of Fantasy, we will discuss it in this post. Tower of Fantasy is a game that is widely anticipated for its global release in 2022. Genshin Impact players will of course feel quite familiar, but this Tower of Fantasy game also has its own advantages.

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Tower of Fantasy Braised Turkey with Apples Recipe Aida Cafe

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The Cooking feature in Tower of Fantasy is one of the important things that you must understand how it works and its functions, how to get all ToF cooking recipes and what Items are used in each cooking recipe. Currently, Tower of Fantasy is holding an Aida Cafe event which takes place on September 15 and ends on September 23, 2022. And there are several new food recipe menus needed to complete the Aida Cafe mission. One of them is the Braised Turkey with Apples recipe, the ingredients needed to make it are:

Braised Turkey with Apple Recipe

Effect: Recover 20 Satiety

  • 1 Turkey (Defeat the Hyenas)
  • 1 Apple (Gather Fallen Fruit)
  • 1 Potato (From Banges: Near Shrubbery)
  • 1 Broccoli (From Astra: Grassland)

What is Tower Of Fantasy

Set on the distant planet Aida hundreds of years into the future, the Open World RPG with sci-fi anime adventure, Game Tower of Fantasy by developer Hotta Studio and publisher Level Infinite, will be available on PC and mobile platforms globally in 2022.

Explore the vast RPG World. Planet Aida is a new world that been damaged by the Omnium Catastrophe many years ago. Many of the remaining people are now trying to restore hope, order, and freedom. As a Wanderer, you must save this world.


I hope you guys understand about Braised Turkey with Apples Recipe Aida Cafe Tower Of Fantasy. If the discussion is useful, please help to share it! Thank you in advance. Have fun playing.

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