Artificial Island Tower Of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, the Home System, a new boss, and more can be found on the Artificial Island. Discover the Home System and the Artificial Island. The official Tower of Fantasy Twitter page has announced that the Artificial Island update will be available on September 15, 2022.

Tower Of Fantasy Artificial Island

Methods To Unlock Artificial Island

The CN server revealed that you had few possible methods to gain access to the artificial island that serves as your Artificial Island. Either you had to be at least Level 55 or finish Chapter 2 to access the Vera story.

It appeared that completing the Vera story would result in the appearance of a ship in a specific location on the map, thereby granting access to the artificial island.

The Secret To Opening The Artificial Island

Getting to your Artificial Island from the Artificial Zone required a little extra effort such as:

  • Find 10 Developer Logs scattered throughout the area.
  • At least level 60
  • Gain 840 Exploration point in the area.

The Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon (New World Boss)

Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon is the new World Boss. The Artificial Island is also the location of this novel difficulty. Another World Boss, this one a frog-like creature, appears to be lurking on the island as well.

Home System

The Home System allows players to establish a personal outpost on the Artificial Island. The island’s structures can be improved with the right supplies, turning it into a personal stronghold.

Who Can Access Your Home On Artificial Island?

You’re the only one who can access your home on Artificial Island, but you can always invite your friends over.

The Shop

You can find additional resources in the Shop, including Joint Supply Chips, Weapon Augmentation Boxes, farming robots, materials for the Refinery and more. It also has a variety of Avatars, Avatar Frames and Chat Bubbles for personalization. Products on the various tabs change either weekly or monthly.

The Refinery

In the Refinery, you can make a variety of Matrixes for use with various Simulacrum, including King, Meryl, Shiro and others. Matrix Data Packs can also be crafted. For example, a Facility must be at Level 7 before the Refinery will consider providing such choices.

Invest In Facilities Upgrades In Order To Acquire Materials

You can get more resources from the facilities than from farming the monsters on the island. All day long, this material is being produced and it can be collected once every 24 hours. These facilities are upgradable up to level 9, allowing you to maximize your resource yield. Keep in mind that your Facilities can only be upgraded to match the level of your Command Center, so focus on that first.

Hunt Monsters For Gold and Supplies

You can find a wide variety of monsters across the island. When you defeat them, they’ll drop materials that you can use to improve your base’s defenses and other buildings. Each week, these monsters will return.

These are all the information of all the new features that will be added on the 15th September 2022 update. Can’t wait to explore the Artificial Island Tower of Fantasy?

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