Against The Storm Level 5 Rewards

Hello everyone, today we’ll talk about Against The Storm Level 5 Rewards. The creator of Against The Storm is Eremite Games. They are a small group of five independent Polish developers. The main product of the company is Against the Storm. Despite the addition of fresh content, the November 1, 2022 release remained an early access version. The gaming mechanics of Against the Storm are highly distinctive. Every map will start off with a fireplace, storage, a few units, and access to the most fundamental city buildings. There will also be resource nodes on the map. Each map’s nodes are generated at random each time. The way you win each game will be unique as well. Notably, no fighting or hostilities exist with other cities. Curses from fresh glades constitute a threat in this game.

Against The Storm Level 5 Rewards

Against The Storm Level 5 Rewards

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After finishing a few Settlements, whether you win or lose the Settlement, you will gain some exp. Here are the list of level 5 Rewards:

Against The Storm Level 5 Rewards

  • New Citadel Upgrades
  • Artisan
  • Press
  • Monestery
  • Sorhur The Ancient
  • Exploring Expedition
  • Frequent Caravans

Against The Storm Gameplay

As the Viceroy, you are charged by the Scorched Queen with reclaiming the wilderness and discovering hidden treasure for the Smoldering City, the final bastion of civilisation before the Blightstorm that destroyed the old world, you are tasked with preserving civilization. In Against the Storm, you must establish a vast, prosperous network of towns populated by many fantasy species, each with their own specializations and requirements, as opposed to concentrating on a single city like in normal survival city builders.

However, the forest hides many undiscovered dangers, and unending storms will subjugate your populace. The expedition may end if your towns fail, but the game will still go on. As a roguelite city-builder, Against the Storm allows you to carry over resources, advancements, and experience from past wilderness journeys whenever you set out on a new journey.


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